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Narcissistic Personality Disorder Animation

Film & Animation | Projects

I created this 4-minute animation with a friend in high school during a trimester at an innovation school named NuVu. I created all the graphics in Adobe Illustrator, and then we split up the animation in Adobe after effects

Process Post

At the start of the studio, we were given three categories to pick a topic; diseases, accessibility, and food. We both decided early on that we wanted to focus on either a disease or food and created a brainstorm of over 40 ideas. In the end, we decided on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a serious disorder that many do not take seriously and joke about it. We wanted to take NPD and display its seriousness and effects. Additionally, we chose NPD because it could be full animation, while some of our other topics could not. Furthermore, it would have some humor, a strong message, and not insult anyone due to relating it back to everyone. Then we did research for a couple days. We researched the history, causes, symptoms, effects, statistics, social media, business industry, famous people, and more. After our research was done, we created our script. This took a few drafts because we have so much we wanted to say with such a small time frame. After our script was complete, we started creating our storyboard line by line to figure out each action. After the storyboard was done, we decided on a color palette and character style. We wanted our characters to be unproportional with the head bigger than the body. We then split up tasks to be more efficient. One of us created all the characters and objects in Illustrator, while the other worked on the animation in After Effects. Both took precision and time. Due to all the snow days, we were not able to complete the animation during the given studio time. However, we came back to it during the independent period to finish.