instructions that were printed on the device. Click through. I was responsible for all diagrams and graphics including the in finding a way to help climbers prevent death or for high-altitude mountaineers. We were interested I, alongside my team at NuVu, created a portable heated IV severe incapacity due to hypothermia. The product attaches to a standard Nalgene bottle and 1) filters the water 2) heats contents, and 3) simplifies insertion of needle. NuVu Innovation School (cont.) GIF & Instructions LEARN MORE 2015 Infographic Animation Series Troops I wrote script, animated, and launched 'How to' series for users new to Troops products 2018 2015 Effects then we split up the animation in Adobe After I created all of the graphics in Adobe Illustrator, and school named NuVu. high school during a trimester at an innovation I created this 4-minute animation with a friend in NuVu Innovation School Animated Infographic LEARN MORE... 2017 Troops Case Studies Product Introduction FlipBook RoomZoom 2017 employees. product to possible investors, partners, and roommate matching platform, and its introduced RoomZoom, an algorithm-driven I created a 100 page flip book that Investor Deck The Clear Cut branding and investor deck. diamond industry and engagement process, with its I helped The Clear Cut, a company disrupting the 2017 easy to use Salesforce data and configure workflows. the first Slackbot for Sales teams that makes it I designed the partner stories series for Troop,